What is the difference between a Vitamix 7500 and a Vitamix Professional Series 300?

I am now the owner of a new Vitamix Professional Series 300!  My company has a rewards program that allowed me to get a Vitamix Professional Series 300, and it was far more interesting to me than any of my other options.  Now, I had just recently purchased a Vitamix 7500, but I called Vitamix and confirmed that they would allow me to return my Vitamix 7500, which means I could get essentially the same blender I bought in October, without spending money on it!

Vitamix 7500 (left) and Professional Series 300 (right)

My Vitamix 7500 (on the left) and Professional Series 300 (on the right)

Now, before talk about the similarities of the 7500 and Professional Series 300 in any detail, I want to say again how impressed with Vitamix I am.  They have seriously impressed me in the past, and returning my Vitamix 7500 was another example of service where I could not have been more impressed.

In addition to allowing me to keep the cutting boards and spatula they sent as gifts with the Vitamix 7500, they even sent me a return label, which means I paid nothing, not even shipping when buying or returning the 7500.  (I used coupon code 06-006651 when I bought the blender, which gave me free shipping.)  And my return experience is not nearly as impressive as my earlier experience that I linked to above, but it’s yet another case where I could not have asked for better service at any point in dealing with Vitamix.  (More specifically, it was Brenda Kilbane at Vitamix who made buying this and returning this a breeze.  Here’s her information, if anyone is interested in speaking to her:  1-800-848-2649, extension 2305, and use the 06-006651 coupon code for free shipping.)

Now, on to talking about the similarities of the Vitamix 7500 and the Professional Series 300. They are, for all practical purposes, the same blender base, container, tamper and lid.  The faceplate itself comes in different colors, and the name written on the faceplate is different, but that really is it as far as I can tell.

The only meaningful differences between the two are what you get with the blender, and even that’s very similar:

The cookbook, getting started guide and owner's manual for the Professional Series 300 and Vitamix 7500

The cookbook, getting started guide and owner’s manual for the Professional Series 300 (left) and Vitamix 7500 (right).

Honestly, I never opened the cookbook for the 7500 because I already had the 5200’s excellent Whole Food Recipes cookbook, and I didn’t want to open the shrink wrap once I knew I was returning it.  That said, a simple visual comparison shows that the Professional Series is a larger book:

The cookbooks you get with various Vitamix blenders

The “create” book that comes with the Professional Series 300 book on the left, the “simply fresh” book that comes with the Vitamix 7500 on the right, with the Whole Food Recipes book the Vitamix 5200 comes with behind them.

Yes, the Professional Series 300’s cookbook is larger (354 pages), and it is a nice hardcover book, complete with both a jacket, and nice silver embossed text under the hardcover jacket, but I don’t know that I would recommend spending the extra money on the 300 unless someone really wanted the nicer cookbook.*

As for the existence of two extremely similar blenders sets under two different names?  That doesn’t seem to be anything new for Vitamix.  The precursor to the Professional Series 300 was a Professional Series 200, which looks identical to the Vitamix 5200, and when I first bought my first Vitamix blender (which I later gave to my parents), it was then sold as a reconditioned 5200, but was actually had the “Creations II” name on the blender body faceplate.  (Today that reconditioned option is still available, but it’s now called the Certified Reconditioned , and I still think it’s the best bang for your buck if you’re looking at getting a Vitamix blender, especially if you’re only looking at the 5200 anyway.)

I hope that’s helpful for anyone who, like me, was wondering what the differences were. My 7500 is in a UPS truck on it’s way back to Vitamix, and aside from the difference in faceplate color, I don’t anticipate noticing any differences with my new Vitamix Professional Series 300.

*The price difference is based on the difference in price at Vitamix.com, with the assumption that you’d be ordering from Vitamix.com directly. Vitamix.com is the most affordable way to order a new 7500 that I’ve found, and includes free shipping.

Update (3/23/2013): In addition to the refurbished 5200 I mentioned, there is now a refurbished 7500/Pro 300/Creations Elite available. I wrote a post about it, and I think it’s a fantastic option to consider for anyone thinking about picking up a Vitamix.

    • Virginia Z.
    • March 10th, 2013

    Is there a particular reason you exchanged the 7500 for the 300? I was looking at the 7500 but now wonder if the 300 has something better about it?

    • The company I work for has a promotion program that lets us get various items as a reward. It was a fluke that the Vitamix Pro 300 was one of those items, and that’s why I ended up getting the 300. There’s virtually no difference between the 300, and if I were spending money out of my own pocket to buy a Vitamix today, I’d be buying the 7500. I hope that helps!

    • Kay
    • March 22nd, 2013

    Do both have the backlighting? I know the 7500 does but does the 300 also light up all the numbers etc?

    • Actually, neither model has the number light up, the internal LEDs are only over the two switches. You can tell how very, very similar the models are by the fact that the refurbished 7500/Pro 300 page reads:

      Certified Reconditioned Next Generation blenders may reflect one of the following labels: 7500, Professional Series 300, or Creations Elite.

      If you’re in the market for a Vitamix blender, you won’t notice a difference between the 7500 and the Pro 300. If you’re not absolutely sure you want a new one, I just wrote a post explaining why I’d absolutely recommend the new refurbished 7500/Pro 300 option.

    • Howie
    • October 8th, 2013


    Thanks for the great info on the Vitamix. I really like your videos.

    I recently bought the 7500 as a refurb from the website. In general I like it but I am wonder about three things…

    1. The wider bottom of the 7500 seems less capable of blending smaller quantities. Do you find this to be the case? Would the 5200 be better for making single serving smoothie?

    2. It seems a lot of liquid gets “thrown” to the top of the container and sticks to the inside of the cover, never to get blended. Does this happen to you as well?

    3. I notice when starting in lowest speed (1 on the dial) and slowly increasing, there seems to be a pause between 1 and 2. On the way back down there is a pause as well. Is this a defect in my instance only?


    • Howie,

      Thanks for the comment and questions. I’ll answer them as best as I can:

      1. Yes, the bottom is wider. For small batches of dips and sauces, my wife found the 5200 to be better. For single serving smoothies, I’ve found the 7500 to be just fine.

      2. You can mitigate this by spinning up the power gradually, but depending on what you’re mixing and how you’re mixing it, this can definitely happen. Also, a benefit of using the tamper is that it catches anything being thrown straight up, and is one of the reason I use the tamper more often than not.

      3. It is not. The slow down (after which it resumes it’s normal speed) is normal. I though I remembered reading it is a motor check of the consistency of what is being blended, but that was so long ago, I’m not confident that’s the reason. I’d like to know if anyone has confirmation one way or the other.


    • Howie
    • October 8th, 2013

    Thanks for the answers and quick response!

    • Silvia Vidas
    • May 15th, 2015

    Hi, now that you have had the 300 for a few years, would you still say the 7500 and 300 are virtually the same? I’m trying to decide which one to buy. I can get a 7500 Vitamix for $60. less than the Pro 300. Is it worth spending the additional $60 to get the Pro 300? Thanks

    • They are the same. Honestly, it’s the face plate and accompanying cookbook that differ. The blending performance of the unit itself is identical, and it’s absolutely the best blender I’ve ever used, so if you’re thinking about picking up a 7500, I would absolutely recommend it! (I’d also recommend going directly through Vitamix. Their customer service is second-to-none.)

        • Silvia
        • May 17th, 2015

        Thanks for your valuable input!

    • John
    • December 19th, 2015

    Thank you for explaining the differences. I must admit though it does put a chip on my shoulder as to why Vitamix does not explain this on their website. Not really admirable. I am glad I found this page.

  1. I agree – great explanation – thank you (from the UK)

    • Ahmer
    • January 7th, 2016

    Thank you! I was wondering about the difference myself, since from the specs on their website, they both looked identical, except the pictures on their ‘Getting Started Guides’ and ‘Cookbooks’.

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